Stipulated Rental Terms II
for the Rental of Single Family Homes and Condominiums in Florida

Conditions for Vacation Apartments and Houses in Florida
By concluding the rental agreement the guest acknowledges the following conditions as part of the rental agreement:

1) Arrival
The apartment or house will be available to the guest starting at 4.00 p.m. on the first day of the booking period.

2) Departure
The guest agrees
λ to vacate the rental property by 10.00 a.m. on the day of departure;
λ to immediately return all keys to the local rental agent; and
λ to leave the rental property in satisfactory condition, as required by the agent and at his/her sole disposal.

3) Cleaning
The rental property will be in clean condition at the start of the rental period. During the rental period cleaning is in the responsibility of the tenant. Basic cleaning will be provided at the end of the rental period.
The guest has been informed that the cleaning fee covers the final cleaning and laundry services only up to the customary extent. This comprises bed linens and towels as last used. Dishes should all be cleaned and put away except for the last dish washer's run.
Any additional services necessary concerning cleaning and laundry will be deducted from the security deposit. If the agent deems it necessary to retain additional fees for household or similar expenses, they will also be deducted from the security deposit.

4) Furnishings and Decor
The rental property will fulfill the minimum requirements with regard to furnishings and decor as stipulated by the local agent. All other items needed are the sole responsibility of the guest. All appliances, including telephone for local telephone calls, will be supplied by the owner of the rental property.
The rental properties are all owned privately; the furnishings of any property therefore reflect the taste of each individual owner.

5) Homeowners' Association Rules
The rental property may be governed by rules and regulations of homeowners' associations of which the property owner is a member. The guest will honor these rules and regulations. They will either be given to the guest by the local agent or will be placed in the rental property.
It is the guest's responsibility to comply with these rules in order to avoid possible sanctions that these rules may provide.

6) Extraordinary End of Rental Agreement
In case of severe violations of local or state regulations or the Homeowners' Association Rules, the agent may end the rental relationship prematurely. In that case, the guest must vacate the rental property immediately. This provision is part of the law of the U.S. State of Florida.

7) Damage to the Rental Property
Upon arrival it is recommended that the guest check the rental property for damages. In case of damages or deficiencies the guest should inform the local agent immediately in order to protect himself against unjustified claims.
If the rental property or the premises sustain damage during occupancy, no matter if caused by the guest or by third parties, the local agent is also to be informed immediately. The assessment of the damage by the agent should be examined by the guest in case of subsequent claims and in order to preserve the guest's rights.
In any such case the guest should also inform K. Lechner in detail about the damage and the related proceedings.

8) Access to the Rental Property
The local agent or persons authorized by him/her have the right to enter the rental property, by giving one day's notice, during normal business hours and for administrative purposes, including walkthroughs by interested buyers or renters. In case of an emergency the agent has the right to enter at any time.

9) Liability
The rental agent is not responsible to the guest or others for damages to the rental property or for injury to persons in the rental property for any reason whatsoever. The guest holds the rental agent harmless from any liability and all claims, costs, fees, loss of use, and suits of any kind resulting from the use and occupancy of the rental property by the guest.

10) Telephone
Local calls are free of charge. Some rental properties are equipped with a credit card calling system which allows the guest to make long distance phone calls with telephone cards or widely accepted credit cards. The cost of toll calls which may circumvent this system will be deducted from the security deposit with an additional administrative fee of $5.00 per telephone bill.
Sometimes the homes don’t have a long distance phone plan. If these lines are open to call the phone costs may be extremely high. It is always better to buy a phone card in the US. This is much less expensive and easy to use.

11) Construction in the Neighborhood
If the tenants get a rental object in an area where other buildings are under construction the local agency will try to find another object for the tenants. But it can not be guaranteed that there is another equivalent rental object in an area with no building activities which the local agent can offer the guests.

12) Pool Use
The pool use is entirely at the option of the tenants. The tenants may use the pool only at their own risk. No diving is permitted at any time. The guest agrees that children will never be permitted to use the pool without adult supervision.

13) Conduct in the Rental Property and its Vicinity
The property rented by you is part of a community which usually has its own rules of conduct. These rules have either been placed inside the rental property or have been conspicuously placed in respective areas in the community (such as "Pool Rules" - rules for the use of the pool). Please abide by these rules for your own and other guests' protection - your vacationing neighbors will be grateful to you.
The rental properties are fully equipped and furnished, including dishes, towels, and bed linens. However, when swimming in the pool or going to the beach we ask that you bring your own towels and use them exclusively.
Beach towels should not be used to reserve pool furniture located in a common pool area.
The air conditioning unit in the rental property is usually left running. In order to keep down the cost of energy you are urgently requested to keep doors and windows closed. When you depart, please do not turn off the air conditioning; at most please only increase its temperature setting.
The property being rented is a non-smoking property. If you smoke then the local agent requests that you enjoy it either outside the property or on the screened patio. Thank you for your help and understanding.

14) Attire
It is customary to wear light summer clothes in all shops, restaurants, etc., unless otherwise stated. The wearing of swimsuits alone outside the pool area and the beach is generally not sufficient (this includes the way from the pool to the rental property).
PLEASE NOTE: "Topless" bathing is usually strictly prohibited in the U.S. and can even lead to police involvement. Most Americans feel that even girls of the ages of two and up should wear a top.

Our best tip: Please observe the American guests and model your behavior to theirs. I have read and acknowledged the above conditions and information. ……………………………………......... ……………………………………...............

Date Guest’s signature
Weilheim, April-23-2007.